Dirty Sound Magnet (CH)

16-11 Swiss trio Dirty Sound Magnet releases new single

Switzerland-based psychedelic rock band Dirty Sound Magnet releases its single Social Media Boy today. This mystic rock power trio will blow you away with its unique multi-faceted compositions and virtuosity. After releasing the album Western Lies (2017), Dirty Sound Magnet could count on huge support from both critics and audiences. Ever since, the band has embarked on a never-ending tour around Europe filling up venues and festivals. This fall the band played more than 35 club shows.

From catchy rock’n’roll high-energy rock songs to shamanic psychedelia, a Dirty Sound Magnet show represents an amazing experience for any music lover. At any time, an outburst of raw electrifying energy can transform into emotionally overwhelming and mysterious landscapes made of complex colorful layers. The eye sees three musicians while the ear hears an orchestra.

Dirty Sound Magnet on its new single:

“It’s a very simple story about a young guy obsessed with social media. The lyrics describe his daily activities. He is hyper connected, he orders his food and his clothes online and dreams about social media stardom. He is confusing his boring and lonely life with his vivid virtual reality. In more general terms, this song is also about you and me. We are all addicted to Social Media somehow”. 

The single, along with the videoclip, premiered this morning on DailyIndie, read the article here.
Social Media Boy is now available on all streaming and download platforms.