Steye & The Bizonkid



Steye & the Bizonkid is a band built on the music of singer-funkwriter Steye. After years of playing his songs with different people, Steye has now ended up with those musicians who fit him best. “The writing is now a group process,” says Steye. “And that’s amazing! Before I had to prove to myself that I could do it all, but now that phase is over. I’m finding it much more fun to let things evolve out of the enthusiasm of the group. I no longer have to think up everything, and I can just trust the skills, dedication and tastes of the others. Now, I’m only a captain with the job of letting the other band members shine.”

With the words ‘Bizon’ and ‘Kid’, the band’s name suggests a Native American totem pole. And indeed, ‘Bizonkid’ can be seen as a playful child infused with devilish energy that appears like a holy ghost whenever the band performs. Scared of no one, the musicians seduce with hypnotic rhythms and seemingly simple melodies, and suck you in towards your own deepest core – that place where you recognise that we are all experiencing the same: the golden FUNK!


Latest Releases

Steye & The Bizonkid - SuperSilverStrawBerry


Album : digital

release date: 30-05-'14


Album : cd digital

release date: 13-05-'11

    I’m Just Here To Make You Feel Warm

    Album : cd digital

    release date: 07-03-'08