While attending the jazz department of the Amsterdam Conservatory (’99 – ’05), Roos Jonker developed in the world of traditional jazz and improvisation. But at the same time she exposed herself as someone willing to go down uncharted paths in the making of her own compositions and productions.

As one listens to her debut album Mmmmm, one hears a combination of different styles: jazz, hiphop, pop, etc. Roos does it all: sings, plays piano, guitar, harp and saxophone and produces her own beats. For this CD she also collaborated with befriended musicians such as guitarist Rory Ronde, saxophonist Benjamin Herman and even her mother.

There are some praiseful reviews published in the press since the release of Roos Jonker’s album in May 2010. Her album was in the top of the Japanese charts in 2011 and in the end of 2010 it received the title ‘Breakthrough Album of the Year’ in the category Jazz on iTunes.

Roos Jonker is currently working on a new album.



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release date: 28-05-'10