The Ploctones

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The Ploctones represent everything that jazz is about. They express a feeling of liberation that can only exist in your wildest fantasies. Their music swings, howls, vibrates, bangs and whacks like nothing else. If you would describe improvisation as ‘a question of catching what goes around’, then the Ploctones prove that they have mastered this practice. Half a note is enough to create a unique musical universe.

If you try to put a label on the Ploctones, they will deliberately break the barriers. So what is it that the Ploctones blow through their microphones? Jazz-rock? Blues? funk? Latin? kaseko? punk? pop? r&b? country? bluegrass? The answer is YES. Goudsmit, Trujillo, Vierdag & Vink devour every great musical idea with pleasant greed, and the joy they express is utterly contagious.

Anton Goudsmit – guitar
Efraïm Trujillo – saxophones & flute
Jeroen Vierdag – electric & acoustic bass
Martijn Vink – drums



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Artwork The Ploctones - Live op het Dak

Live op het Dak!

Album : digital

release date: 20-11-'20