Samuel Jack (UK)

04-05 Samuel announces new EP and releases new single Stone Cold

Today, Samuel Jack releases his new single Stone Cold. He also announces his new EP Fire And Ice that will be released on Friday, May 25th.

Listen to Stone Cold here.

Samuel about his new single: “2018 is FLYING by!  Couldn’t let this year get too deep without putting this song out into the world – Stone Cold  is another one which is massively important me. I’m not a super gushy kind of guy, but sometimes someone comes along and they get you good…all the way.

Love. It’s a funny ol’ thing. The truth is I wrote this song about someone that I loved very much. Someone who really
helped and supported me through a really turbulent time, a time when I wasn’t exactly, shall we say, perfect. This person quite literally gave me reason and I wanted it to last forever. It didn’t. So in all honesty it’s a real tricky one to sing these days. But it comes right from the ticker, so, there you have it.

NL Tour dates
11/05 Gigant, Apeldoorn
12/05 Victorie, Alkmaar
25/05 Underground, Lelystad
25/05 Vis à Vis, Almere
26/05 P3, Purmerend
27/05 Parkfeest Oosterhout

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