14-04 Out now! IVAR’s new album ‘Shorelines’

With three singles in the past months IVAR has build up to his new album ‘Shorelines’ which is released today. With this new album the singer-songwriter showcases a new sound, which he developed during the past years.

‘Shorelines’ doesn’t quite fit the definition of a ‘studio album’. Most of the songs on the record have been recorded outside of the regular studio environment. Creating a sound in which imperfections are embraced. The creaking of a chair, singing of a bird or a car passing by, all at the right moment during the right take. ”This way you create magic, small surprises which add something special”  IVAR describes.

The album ‘Shorelines’ is now available on all music services.

Next week IVAR will be celebrating the releases of his newest record in Melkweg, Amsterdam, followed by a series of shows through the Netherlands. See the full tour schedule below

Tour dates:
15/4 Cafe Miles, Amersfoort (try-out)
20/4 Melkweg, Amsterdam (album release – bovenzaal)
2/6 Mezz, Breda
16/6 Hedon, Zwolle
23/6 Luxor Live, Arnhem
20/8 Dox Family Afternoon 20 Year Anniversary, Vondelpark Openluchttheater, Amsterdam
27/8 ’t Wasven, Eindhoven (solo)

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