26-03 New single ‘Sorry’ out now!

Mingue’s brand new single Sorry is out now. The single Sorry speaks to the melancholy within us. Listen to Sorry here.

The song is part of the Almost Midnight EP that will be released on Friday, April 19th. Pre-save the EP here

While songstress Mingue set foot in the world of electronic beats alongside renowned dj’s EDX (Missing) and Bolier (Riverbank), electro-pop producer BRÅVO also made his way onto several Radio- and Spotify playlists with his own releases (Why I don’t feel you, The Calling).

It’s been years since this remarkable duo worked together on Mingue’s (then Ming’s Pretty Heroes) very first album. At the time they were both graduating from the conservatory, they spent weeks in a studio in Antwerp to create their first full length album. Since then, Mingue and BRÅVO each commenced their own journey and were able to conquer their own territories in our bright musical landscape.

When Mingue after her many featured appearances on several deephouse tracks decided to create her first solo ep Almost Midnight, she knew that BRÅVO’s signature sound as producer and key player was going to be key. Over a period of time, whilst also both releasing, writing and performing with other artists, they met a few times a month at BRÅVO’s studio. According to Mingue the way they work is quite unique, since the songs they create come together in one metaphorical breath. The production, words and melodies, constantly inspired progress and creativity and could so come to life, simultaneously. “BRÅVO and I both have a very open workflow, we think forwards and always trust eachother’s opinions and musical taste. It’s why I could co-produce the tracks and why BRÅVO is also a great contributor to the lyrical part of the songs“.

Though this is Mingue’s solo EP, Almost Midnight had to be something both artists would completely fall in love with. They listened to popular artists they both admired such as Lorde, Julia Michaels and Oh Wonder and went ahead with writing playful melodies, producing fresh beats, creating synth sounds and didn’t shy away from using strings, a great love of both pop artists. BRÅVO and Mingue managed to produce six tracks that captured a light and fresh feel, addressing guilt, love, freedom and hope. 

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