Frank Valenza (IT/NL)

16-02 New single, EP and tour for Frank Valenza

Cover Frank Valenza single: Maria's Got The Keys

Three big announcements for Frank Valenza this week. His second EP Daze will be released on March 16. The release is followed by the official club tour, kicking off with a special Mudboot Session in Bemmel, followed by the official EP release show in Stathe, Utrecht on March 17. And last but not least is the new single Maria’s Got The Keys which was released today and is now now available on all streaming and download services. 

Frank Valenza about the track:

“I wanted to write a song about women who have to wait too long for their men. I often observe relationships between men and women and I see how weird it can get. My mother was one of these women, doing everything for her husband, while he was never there for her. I grew up with the frustration this caused. With this song I want to send a message to my mother and all other women in similar situations.”

Daze tour – dates
10/03 Mudboot Sessions, Bemmel
17/03 Stathe, Utrecht
25/03 Gigant Café, Apeldoorn
05/04 Paardcafé, Den Haag
13/04 Boothill Saloon, Amersfoort
19/04 Robuust, Middelburg
20/04 Willem Twee, Den Bosch
02/05 Burgerweeshuis Café, Deventer
12/05 Altstadt, Eindhoven

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