Afrobeat / Jazz / Funk


If you think Afrobeat, then you think… KOFFIE.

The music of KOFFIE can be summarised as a mixture of Afrobeat, jazz and 1970s funk. “KOFFIE came about after Fela Kuti opened our ears“, says drummer Otto van der Wotto. Fela’s full sound and wonderful grooves were the kick for these boys to dive into Afrobeat.

KOFFIE played many festivals in 2012, with highlights such as Oerol, Dunya and Roots Festival Amsterdam. Meanwhile the seven KOFFIE musicians recorded their first album in cooperation with vocalist Nassan Silva Lopes. When it came to the songwriting, KOFFIE was not only inspired by Afrobeat but also by Nassan Silvan Lopes who brought in many traditional rhythms and melodies from his native Guinea-Bissau (West Africa). The album named KOFFIE has been released in spring 2013. After that shows followed in Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium and in their own country. While their first album still reflected their development and growth, the second album Éh Lady (autumn 2013) has them sounding all grown up.

“Here stands a well-oiled machine who delivered a more up-tempo set than the preceding bands, along with more room for guitar- and keyboard-solos of a very high calibre.” (3voor12 Amsterdam on the Fela Kuti Tribute, Paradiso, 15 October 2011)


Latest Releases


Single : digital

release date: 05-06-'15

KOFFIE Eh Lady cover

Éh Lady

Album : digital vinyl

release date: 22-11-'13

koffie albumcover

KOFFIE (ft. Nassan Silva Lopes)

Album : digital

release date: 08-03-'13