Jim Cole (BE)

16-06 Jim Cole releases ‘Het Tij’

Last week we announced our newest singing: Jim Cole. Today the Belgian singer/songwriter releases his first new single ‘Het Tij’.

What makes this release even more special is that ‘Het Tij’ is the first song Jim Cole has written in his native language: Dutch. Jim cole about his transition from English to Dutch: “Most times I start with the chords and melodies when writing a song, and I come up with lyrics later. But when I first started to mumble the lyrics all that came out where Dutch words”. The song describes a situation between a couple that just can’t stop messing around, even though their relationship is already over.

The song was recorded with producer Huub Reijnders in Haarlem and the mastering took place in Minnesota, USA by Tom Garneau. Who is also known for his work as sound engineer with Prince, one of Jim Cole’s personal heroes

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