Wardrobe (BE)

15-03 Giving Up A Ghost out now!

Today Wardrobe releases its new album Giving Up A Ghost. 

For his second Wardrobe wanted to create a more defined and layered sound. On the record uptempo and almost danceable indiepop songs with electronic elements go together with dark songs with more texure and a bluesy layer beneath them. Verckist found this new sound to be a perfect fit with producer John Parish (PJ Harvey) which he contacted. Parish turned out to be good friends with Bart Vincent (Melanie Debiasio, Thou) after which Verckist and Vincent meet up. Quickly after their first meeting Wardrobe decides that Bart Vincent should be the producer for the second album.

“The last few years I had listened to a lot of hiphop productions and I had grown to love the vibe the tracks gave me, especially the cut up drumbeats in some of the tracks. On my demo recordings I worked with samples, loops and other bits and pieces which I recorded at home. To keep the right groove and texture from the programmed drums on the demo’s we let our drummer Jonas Vankrunkelsven record almost all songs twice with two different drumkits. With every recording session with Dries Debie, Patricia Vannese (Balthazar), Sarah Pepels (Portland) and Hands de Prins (Millionaire) the songs got better and better” explains Wardrobe about the creation of his new album Giving Up A Ghost.

To put all musicians in the right mindset and visualize the songs on Giving Up A Ghost Johan projected a picture from Italian photographer and World Press Photo winner Davide Monteleone during the recordings. This photo turned out to play such and inspiring and important role in the album recordings that it was later used as the official album artwork.

Giving Up A Ghost is now available on all streaming and download services.

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