Frank Valenza (IT/NL)

15-11 Frank Valenza signs with Dox & releases new single

We are very proud to welcome Frank Valenza to Dox Records!

Born in Pollena Trocchia, the closest village to the ‘mouth’ of the Vesuvio, the volcano of Naples, Frank Valenza will bring you the finest Psych Pop, drenched of joy, melancholy and sulfur.

In the last months Frank has worked on some new songs with champion and producer Simon Akkermans (Bombay, Mister & Mississippi, Binkbeats). Frank’s first EP was released in April 2017. His new EP is scheduled for release in Spring 2018. The first single Worn from this upcoming EP is out today. Click here to listen to Worn on Spotify, AppleMusic/iTunes or Deezer.

Valenza about his new single: “I was inspired by the music of Rino Gaetano, an Italian singer-songwriter who managed to talk all the time about very heavy subjects, but always in a funny and ironic way, keeping it always sunny, uplifting. I wrote this song in Civitanova Marche, my hometown, when I was there last summer for my regular couple of weeks of holiday. The truth is that it was probably the best and worst summer of my life until now, but I wanted to sing about it in a sweet uplifting way. In the end, although I became a little more cynical after that experience, I never lost my spontaneous love for life.”

Check out the video here!




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