Frank Valenza (IT/NL)

16-03 Frank Valenza releases new EP Daze

Its here! Frank Valenza releases his second EP, Daze today. The release is followed by a club tour, which starts tomorrow on March 17th in Utrecht. The EP is an ode to distraction and laughing about everything, also the heavy things in life.

Daze has been recorded with Simon Akkermans, written in cooperation with Mathias Janmaat (Bombay) and Rinse Visser (Alexi Lalas, Destructive Cult). Frank and his band recorded it last year, in July and August, at the Epic Rainbow Unicorn studio, in Kytopia, Utrecht. “Most of the writing has been done by myself in Italy, the month right before going in the studio (June). I usually like to keep it fresh, so I normally write the month before getting in the studio and I usually arrange the songs directly in the studio. This time, I arranged and recorded the songs in the studio with Julia Hendriks (voice and keys), Annemarie van den Born (drums), Tim Coehoorn (guitar), Tim Lamballais Tessensohn (bass). I truly loved each moment I spent with those buddies”, explains Frank.

Frank about the EP: “I was born in Naples, which is also the city where my entire family comes from; people from Naples are the perfect example of this art; they constantly deal with quite complex and heavy problems, but they never lose their laugh. This way of living inspired me to write songs about personal and sometimes heavy subjects, but in an uplifting and chilled way; as they say in Naples, the only thing which is not reversible is death. I wrote most of the EP when visiting my hometown last summer. I always try to keep it fresh, that’s why I write my songs not too long before the actual recording. I started without a plan and I wanted to stick as close to myself as possible and show the lightest side of my personality, deep as I am and without turning away from my principles.”

“Daze is a song that inspired me. It was pretty basic, at the beginning, although it became harmonically very rich, in the end and it opened a sort of window, where I could find and see my ‘joker face’. It’s a song that talks about my urge to find distraction, which I will probably bring with me through the years to come. For that reason, I called the EP Daze, to make sure that feeling would ‘infect’ the other songs as well.”

The EP is now available on all digital streaming and download platforms.

Check the tour schedule below.

Tour dates
17/03 Stathe, Utrecht (EP release show)
23/03 Boothill Saloon, Amersfoort
25/03 Gigant Café, Apeldoorn
05/04 Paardcafé, Den Haag
19/04 Robuust, Middelburg
20/04 Willem Twee, Den Bosch
02/05 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
12/05 Altstadt, Eindhoven

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