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Mystic Rock power trio that will blow your mind away with its unique multi-faceted compositions and virtuosity.

From catchy rock’n’roll high-energy rock songs to shamanic psychedelia, a Dirty Sound Magnet show represents an amazing experience for any music lover. At any time, an outburst of raw electrifying energy can transform into emotionally overwhelming and mysterious landscapes made of complex colourful layers. The eye sees three musicians while the ear hears an orchestra. And every night the music is different…

In April 2017, the song Homo Economicus won the award in the category best Swiss rock song 2017 and received radio airplay in several countries. Ever since, the band has embarked on a never ending tour around Europe filling up venues and festivals. In fall 2017 alone the band played more than 35 shows.The album Western Lies was released on May 12 earning praise from both critics and audiences.

The album denounces our capitalist society sarcastically and metaphorically. The atmosphere is dark, disturbing and full of mysticism. Hints of film music, inspired and powerful rock songs, electronic loops, unique guitar solos and dreamy melodies will take the audience on an unexpected spiritual journey.

Western Lies is a DIY project. During one year, the musicians isolated themselves from the outside world in their self-built studio to create their very own sound. On every level, the experimentations led to a unique album. The songwriting, the sound and the atmosphere that shines on Western Lies are beyond classification. Let’s call this genre Mystic Rock or Creative Rock.



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