With her upcoming debut album ‘My Bubble is Kind of A Mess’ (release February 23rd) singer-songwriter and artist Dax gives outsiders a chance to enter her own personal bubble. Nothing has been cleaned up here. Everything is visible. This lo-fi singer-songwriter has already made a name for herself on Instagram with over 10k followers and is now determined to do the same with her music. Highlights of last year include: Le Mini Who? festival,. Stille Nacht plus and being featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

The lyrics of this young lo-fi indiefolk singer-songwriter are autobiographical, without filter and above all honest. Maybe sometimes even a little bit too honest. Writing songs is a liberating process for Dax. Some songs come from poems, others are born from loaded up thoughts. You can see the chaos come in to existence, feel it grow, until the bomb explodes and everything becomes calm again.

The album My Bubble is Kind of a Mess consists of 10 songs, each with its own artwork (drawing/painting) made by Dax.


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My Bubble Is Kind Of A Mess

Album : digital

release date: 23-02-'18