BRÅVO’s sound can best be describes as smooth UK house influenced songs with cutting edge vocals. With the release of his debut single The Calling the Dutch producer made a clear entrance to the music scene. For his second single Why I Don’t Feel You  he collaborated with singer-songwriter Sofia Dragt. The result is a combination between BRÅVO’s analog synths and electronic beats and Sofia’s melancholic vocals.

Recently BRÅVO released the song Overseas. This the follow up for the earlier released Why I Don’t Feel You and features singer & songwriter Sheela. The song is featured on BRÅVO’s debut EP, which is scheduled for a release in the spring of 2018.

For his newest single BRÅVO has joined forces with Sheela who is responsible for both the lyrics and the vocals of the song. She wrote the lyrics while she was backpacking through Asia. “I was in a relationship, but I really had the urge to travel by myself at least once in my life on earth, so that’s why I decided I had to do that. It was a great experience and a wonderful time, but of course I missed my boy. When you’re on the other side of the world, all by yourself, you start to reflect on your life, your actions, yourself and for me, on my relationship. In the end, I really feel like not only I, but we, grew because of this travel and became a stronger couple”.

Overseas is one of the songs from BRÅVO’s debut EP which features amongst others Bright Sparks (known for their featuring on Tiesto’s hit On my Way) and several other upcoming vocalists. The sound of the EP can best be described as smooth UK house influenced songs with cutting edge vocals.


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