Benny Sings

09-02 Benny releases new single ‘One of These Hearts’

On Friday, the 10th of February Benny Sings releases his new single One Of These Hearts along with a video clip. Together with our Vinylify friends, this single will be released on 10” vinyl with only 10 limited edition copies available.

One of These Hearts is written by Dean Tippet & Benny Sings and is from the album STUDIO, which was nominated for an Edison. Benny Sings about the single and video:

“This song is written by a close friend of mine, Dean Tippet. His lyrics go so beautifully with the music. They’re just like little puzzles. I wanted to make a small video for the track with only lyrics. I immediately thought of the Bob Dylan video, where he holds up signs. I thought that could be a good alternative to all those videos where they use all kinds of motion graphics to show lyrics. I also thought of that scene from the movie Love Actually, where the guy holds up signs to explain to the girl that he loves her. The lyrics for this video are quite dark and about breaking up. So then I thought, just put a man and a woman in a kitchen, let the man hold up signs and then you’ve got something that could evoke all kinds of surprising emotions.”

The video clip ‘One Shot’ features actor Tijn Docter, amongst others.

On the B-Side of this signed and numbered 10” vinyl record is an un-released bonus track titled Could Have Been There. Only 10 exclusive copies of this record are available and they can be won via this site: The competition starts at February 10th and ends on the 28th of February and is a co-creation by Benny Sings, Vinylify, Our/Vodka, Soepermarkt, and Dox Records.

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