Benny Sings

03-03 A great article on The Huffington Post about Benny Sings

Benny Sings

This singer from Amsterdam is the best artist you don’t know

Benny Sings was named ‘the best artist you don’t know’ by The Huffington Post. Journalist Stephen Grant dedicated an entire article to the Dutch singer/producer, discussing the fact that not only a lot of good EDM artists come from the Netherlands, but there is also the gifted Benny Sings.

“He sings heartfelt R&B ballads as heard in, “Fake Love,” dabbles with jazzy arrangements in “Get There,” gets soulfully smooth in “Coconut” and the list goes on. Music fans in London, Japan and France have all taken notice to the Dox Records artist by inviting him to perform on their stages and by writing about his work.”

You can find the article about Benny Sings here.


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