Ian Clement (BE)

01-02 New single and video ‘Sidewinder’

Today, Ian Clement releases his new single ‘Sidewinder’.  A very personal one. It’s the third single of his upcoming soloalbum ‘See Me In Synchronicity’ that will be released on Friday, February 22nd.

Ian Clement about his new single: “‘Sidewinder – one of the most personal and intimate tracks on my new solo album ‘See Me In Synchronicity’. Lyrically this song also goes to the very essence of the story that I’m trying to tell with this album. It’s a story that reflects on the bouts of mental deviance that I’ve been struck with a few times now.

To be confronted with psychosis is a very eerie and alienating experience. The first time it hit me was  in the Californian desert of Joshua Tree during recordings of ‘The Orb We Absorb’ with Wallace Vanborn. I’m sure that my thoughts and feelings surrounding the recent loss of a few close family members and the break-up with my then girlfriend also played a role in the delusions that suddenly took hold of me and left me completely disoriented. After a long quest for stability and return to reality, I eventually managed to break out of my mental turmoil on my own, something that became more difficult to do later on.

On ‘See Me In Synchronicity’ I’ve allowed myself to reflect on the mental imagery that plagued me during 3 psychotic episodes and 2 psychiatric stays; and I tried to illustrate what I thought I was seeing and feeling back then.

On ‘Sidewinder’ I specifically address the concept of isolation. For the listener this can be the isolation that is felt in moments of loneliness; for myself it is the isolation that comes from being locked up in a mental ward.

Together with close friend & photographer Anton Coene we shot a music video for the song, in which I illustrate some of the returning thoughts that consumed me for weeks and thwarted my perception of reality.

I am very much aware of the stigma that still surrounds mental instability or ‘illness’, despite the fact that almost half the population will suffer some sort of mental disorder in his or her lifetime. I hope that by opening up about my experience I can help break taboo and fight the stigma.”

‘Sidewinder’ is out today on all streaming & download services. The album ‘See Me In Synchronicity’ is set for release on February 22 and is available for preorder as of today.

Tour dates
09/02    Trix, Antwerpen (BE)
11/03    Muziekgieterij, Maastricht (NL) – Duo
02/04    Het Depot, Leuven (BE)
07/04    Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
09/04    Nosta, Opwijk (BE)
11/04    Minard, Gent (BE)

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