Wardrobe (BE)

19-09 Wardrobe announces new album!

We’re super excited to announce the signing of Wardrobe!

Wardrobe is an Indie/Alternative Band from Belgium with the talented musician Johan Verckist as its master brain. Wardrobe debuted in 2017 with its first album Crawling.

After performing the album live, the songs became more catchier and its sound changed. This stimulated the band to re-enter the studio for album No. 2.

The new album Giving Up A Ghost, produced by Bart Vincent (Thou, Melanie De Biasio, Kris Dane) and with help of Sarah Pepels (Portland) and Patricia Vanneste (Balthazar), is the result of Wardrobe growing to a more mature sound through their live shows. As a result, the album has more musical layers in that add up to a catchier sound.

The first introduction to his follow up album Giving Up A Ghost is his new single 24 weeks which is premiered by Dansende Beren (BE) today. Read the article here. 

24 weeks is now available on all streaming and download platforms! 

Wardrobe will be releasing its new, second album Giving Up A Ghost on March 15, 2019 via Dox Records.

14/09 LE:EN, Utrecht
18/09 Café de Loge, Gent (BE)

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